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Application for Membership

Members shall receive services and benefits provided by the Association and participate in the decision making processes of A-WEB.

Requests for Membership

The membership of A-WEB shall consist of the national election management bodies of all countries. Any national election management bodies that wishes to become a member of the Association needs to submit a request for membership to the Executive Board, care of the Secretary General in writing. It shall follow the required procedures enabling them to join A-WEB and musts agree to subscribe to its Charter.

The Secretariat shall immediately table the request for consideration at the next General Assembly, where a decision on whether to accept or reject the request will be made.

Rights, Responsibilities, and Functions of A-WEB Members

Members shall have the rights to participate in all activities of the Association and to take part in making decisions of the Association.

Members shall also follow all decisions made in the General Assembly, participate in the General Assembly to exercise their vote when required to do so.

Website Membership

Once the membership for a new EMB is granted at the General Assembly, a set of ID and Password assigned to the new member to be used on the website. The information will be sent to the member organization via email.

Go to the page, Sign up for A-WEB Website Membership and log in with the ID and Password given to you to fill out the application form with the information needed for the website membership. A-WEB members that have successfully signed up for the website membership can enjoy the convenience of registering online for various A-WEB Activities including the General Assembly and training programs as well as participation in the members’ Forum/Community.

Request for Partnership in Country Programs

A-WEB Country Program is designed to support improving the election management system in the countries of which national EMBs make a request to A-WEB for the partnership. By focusing on 4 program areas, namely election ICT, election laws, voter education, and EMB capacity building, A-WEB aims to help establish a sustainable electoral democracy in the member countries.


If you would like to make a donation to A-WEB, please contact A-WEB Secretariat at +82 032-455-7200 and

Sign up for A-WEB Website Membership

Only the members that are given an ID and a Password by A-WEB can log in to the members page and sign up for the website membership.

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