Why Work at A-WEB?

  • Working at A-WEB opens a window of opportunity for you to broaden your horizon of understanding through new and diverse experience. We are looking for talented individuals with an open mind and an expertise in respective fields who feel passionate about the vision of A-WEB. Join us in our efforts to support the development of sustainable democracy in all corners of the world.

Areas of Recruitment

  • Researcher / Editor / Office Staff


  • University Graduates (including Prospective Graduates)
  • Language Proficiency (TOEFL, TOEIC, TEPS, etc.)

Recruitment Process

  • A-WEB Secretariat posts a job opening both on its website and other online job placement sites. After carefully reviewing each candidate’s resume and cover letter, the Secretariat recruiting team will contact some candidates for an interview. If necessary, tests may be given during the interview.

Recruitment Period

  • A job posting will be made when there is a vacancy.


  • A-WEB offers an internship opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students. If you are proficient in English and other languages and if you would like to acquire work experience in the field of international cooperation and public policy, please contact us to make inquiries.

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