Who We Are

The Association of World Election Bodies is composed of a Chairperson, a Vice-Chairperson, the Executive Board, the Oversight & Audit Committee, the Advisory Committee, a Secretary General, and the Secretariat. All A-WEB members are involved in the process for the appointment of the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and the Executive Board members.


A Chairperson of A-WEB serves as the head of the association for a term of two years and presides over the General Assembly and the Executive Board meeting. The Chairperson shall be the head of the election management body that hosts the General Assembly.
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The duties of a Vice-Chairperson include assisting the Chairperson in carrying out important tasks and standing in place of the chairperson to act as a deputy when he/she is absent. The Vice-Chairperson also serves a term of two years.
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Secretary General

The Secretary General shall be appointed to a term of office of 4 years. The Executive Board shall determine the reappointment of the Secretary General in office at the regular Executive Board meeting of the year during which the term of office expires and table it on the agenda for the General Assembly for approval
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The Executive Board

The Executive Board shall consists of the heads, or the duly designated representatives, of not more than ten election management bodies elected at the General Assembly, guaranteeing a well-balanced representation of each continent. The Executive Board members shall serve a two-year term of office.
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A-WEB Organization

Oversight & Audit Committee

The Oversight & Audit Committee shall consist of three members drawn from the A-WEB membership outside of the Executive Board. The members of the committee shall serve for a single term of three years.
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Advisory Committee

Composed of professionals from international development aid agencies and international electoral organizations, the Advisory Committee provides legal consultation and professional advice to support successful implementation of A-WEB’s projects. Advisory Committee meetings will be held by the request of the A-WEB Secretary General when there are important agenda. Advisors’ term of office is two years and they may serve consecutive terms.
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